5 January 2013

Winter is winter

January, (;≧皿≦)
the month of the year that brings 
the real cold to my town. 

You go out and you think about 
penguins, igloos and freezer.

the cold has allowed me 
to take out of my closet...
my "russian" hat.
It is the most warm and cute
hat  in the world.
(Yes I'm so proud
of my hat) (。・ω・。)

As this post is totally random ... 
I'll leave you with some pictures 
of my today makeup:

And this is my latest acquisition.
I've become a fan of shopping
in ebay. O(≧▽≦)O

And now time to study...
because I have exams soon.

A kiss.


  1. Me he comprado ese mismo collar en Claires!! ·-·
    pd: me encanta como queda ese gorro *^*

  2. Que dices! en ebay me ha costado 1€!!!