31 March 2013

Easter ✖PART 1✖

The Easter celebrations began 
a few days ago.
In my house, especially me, 
we aren't Catholic 
so we don't do anything special.

On Friday I was with my friends.
ate at a restaurant further up the mountain,
we had a very nice 
view and we ate very well.

This was my outfit:

And the hair!

On Saturday,  
Was celebrated a tradicional religious thing
 (and apparently very important)
Something that was do every year 
(I found out yesterday XD)
So my cousin and her husband 
(whose is very religious) 
decided to baptize his daughter that day.

My outfit:

Photo of the Romanesque cathedral 
of my village 
(admittedly that is an amazing building) 
while the baby was baptized.

the event lasted over two hours,
 two bloody hours! ~(>_<~)
(curiously, the mass started at 10 p.m)
So, with my brother we escaped between 
song to song for drink a beer. 
was so difficult to follow the mass,
 I didn't understand the most of things...

the family invited us to take a hot chocolate ... 

which obviously made me sick 
(I'm lactose intolerant) 
but I couldn't resist to a something so delicious :D

And that's all for today.

Thanks for following and reading!

1 comment:

  1. Muchacha, eres alérgica a la lactosa y te tomas eso xDD
    Qué divina vas siempre Dior mio!!!
    Fan de tus conjuntos, de tu cara, de tu tóh.