22 April 2013

Rocking in Barcelona

Hello little devils!

On Saturday, I was in Barcelona.
Chelsea needed some photos of outfits.
So, we were some of Hysterical 
(Kami, Aielet, Poza, Maria and Me), 
Aki, Abi and 
Mako (we finally met! Very friendly and nice!)

Maria, Chelsea and Me

Poza and Aielet

Aki-man and Abi

Mako and Kami (bad boys? hahaha)

Then I went out to dinner with 
Chelsea, Mako and Kami in a 
Japanese restaurant that we love:

(ノ・o・)ノ We are idiots...

Me with Chel&Mako

At night I slept at the Hiki's home.
I wanted to put a photo but Laia would kill me. 

I have a lot of new things ...
But I always forget to upload photos ...

So I end with photos of my outfit:

See you next time!



  1. Diooos, pero que guapas todas por favor!! *__*
    Con ese outfit y peinado, pareces de alguna revista de Ageha o directamente modelo tia!
    Ay cuanto tiempo sin saber de Chel! Que mona va~


  2. ¿Pero como sois tan divinos todos? <3