7 May 2013


Hello little devils!

Sorry to update so late,
I have been very busy since 
I returned from Barcelona

Today, (●´∀`●)
I want to make a first entry about 
BloodyNightCon3 (BNC), 
which was 4 and 5 May.

there will be a second part of that entry
cause I haven't got yet photos 
of the photo shoots ...

For those who do not know, 
the BNC is a convention 
that is about the TV series "Vampire Diaries". 

Anyway, the poster of this year was this:

I went a little reluctantly ... 
but in the end I really enjoyed it 
(especially in the panel of Steven R. McQueen, 
and Nathaniel Buzolic)
Aroa had a ViP pass... and I...
I buy the cheapest, 
because I'd rather spend more money in Japan
HAHAHAHA ψ(`∇´)ψ
so in the panels, she was in the front row 
and I was sitting at the end of the room XD 
but I can not complain.

This is the paraphernalia that we exchange it for a kidney
gave us:

(pass, photo shoots, 
schedule and advertising)

The only thing that I have is the autograph of Steven
(I love this guy! 
He's funny, handsome and he is very crazy)

And a picture of my outfit
(which in my head I looked so good and then ...
I don't like now that I see it)

When I have the photos, 
I tell you more about BNC.


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  1. Te perdiste el momentazo McQueen con un libro de frases random inglés-español soltando 'Hola guapa! Vamos a la habitación? Bailamos? Bailamos!' XDDD