10 October 2013


Hello little devils!

I have lots of thing to explain to you like 
my travel in japan or my return to 
Barcelona and my new look.
But, since I came back from Japan, 
I've been too busy to update my blog.
I started a master's degree two days ago and 
I moved to Barcelona again.
I'll try to take some pics of my new flat.
So now I need a couple of days to organize 
my new life here (and my new blog entries)
I want to show you 
how was my experience in tokyo.
I forgot to say that finally
 I retake my english lessons in a school 
(after 6 or 7 years)
I'm excited with that because 
I'm improving my english faster
 (i know that I make lots of mistakes now)
And that's all for now.
See you soon

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