22 October 2013

Japan Purikuras

Hello little devils!
(*-`ω´- )人
The other day, 
I found the purikuras from my trip to Japan.
So I thought it was a good way to update the blog.

With Koichi! We met for dinner and catch up.
 It was a fun night. 
He was explain me many things about Japan and the Japanese.

With Marina, is an old friend of Aroa.
 She is charming and very sympathetic and we talked about many things, 
she told us many anecdotes of his life in Japan.

 The day I was with Ayuki was great, 
we went to 109, buy clothes, 
take a snack 
and then we went to enjoy the views in the 109-men. 
It was a very gyaru day, I loved meeting her.

This day we take purikuras before rain ... then my hair died

Our tribute to Pretty Little Liars ✖‿✖

Purikura the last day ... 
I look like a homeless ... ヘ(>_<ヘ)
but it was the day we went with Kamal and Aaron, 
who met at the hostel,
 to spend the day out there. 
They were very nice people and we laughed a lot. 
Then we spent the night at karaoke, 
with Aroa, one of the best nights of my life!

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