17 January 2014

Andrea's gift and other random stuff

Hello little devils!

Few days ago I received three more packages! First one was from Andrea, she send me some sweets and this perfect and lovely bracelet.

It looks like GARULA style, right?

Recently, I change my Iphone 3gs to an Ipone 4S, so I need a new case (a hard case, because I'm a clumsy with this things) ʕ ⁎❛ั ुꈊ͒ੁ❛ั ु)
I bought this melt ice-cream hard case in light pink and white:

I received too an extension with feathers for hair (Provably, I'll buy more) and a pair of earrings with feathers too, in pink, with ear cuff wrap (?)

And finally, I bought this sweater, If i'm not wrong I think the brand is UNGRID:

Thanks for reading!

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