29 January 2014

New makeup bag, I love Garula designs!

Hello little devils!

I got some new stuff delivered recently, and among all the items there was a super cool GARULA make-up bag. It's perfect because the other one I have is too small. 

My new makeup bag:

And here you can see the space and organization differences:

I love it specially because of its two pockets: one for random stuff and another one specifically for brushes and such (which I also use for my eyeliners, eyebrow pencil, etc.)

I'm really really happy with the change.

Thanks for reading!


  1. parece que tiene bastante espacio !!

  2. Esta super apañado ese neceser, ya no sé que hacer con tantos neceseres de regalo! Encima hoy he comprado la ageha de enero que viene con un de Lip Service (tb con mini apartado para brochas) pero parece más para llevar en el bolso, para salir del paso, no realmente para guardar y organizar tu maquillaje, ese de Garula es mucho más practico!
    kudos to you!