28 January 2014

Outfit + "random" nails

Hello little devils!

This is my latest outfit!
You can see the nail art I did as well, tried to go for a Rocker look. I’m focusing on this because I used two nail polish that I bought at  Primark  (I think they were about 2,50€)

NAIL ART Get creative, has three components: a nail polish brush, a pen and a little box with little sparkly diamonds/glitter stickers.

The quality is rather good, not excellent but good enough to last up to 3 or 4 days (of course, I also applied a layer of topcoat).

But what I like the most is the drawing pen, it’s easy to work with and gets you a clean result.

So, overall, I give this product 

Thanks for reading!


  1. eep that belt looks soo nice!! >w<

  2. no se donde le ves el random, te han quedo muy chulas !