25 January 2013

We have tickets to Japan!

I tell you about my last weekend.
finished my exams and 
I decided to spend the weekend 
in Barcelona with Aroa.

It was long since the last time I saw her,
So I was so happy to met with her!
Also we bought the tickets to Japan.
Yes! We'll go to Japan in July, 
anyone know when sales start in the 109 this year?

I also met with Aki to make a clothing exchange.
 I offered her my Cocolulu clothes, 
and she offered me ageha clothing. 
It was very cool to see her, 
but the meeting was very short:

my outfit:

Sunday was another day more.... relaxed?
We put on wigs (the two are of Aroa) 
and we went to walk around Barcelona.

And this was my outfit:

Next day,
 I'll upload the pictures of the new clothes.

That's it.

See you!


  1. Dios estas guapisima!!! Me encanta como te queda el estilo ageho, a parte de que con los peinados que te curras quedas perfecta!

    Que genial que puedas ir a Japón :D yo estoy todavía ahorrando y el próposito es ir el año que viene...xDD

    Sigue así Honey, me encanta!

  2. Congratulations! :D Argh, I'm jealous that you're going in 109 sale season..! I'm going to Japan with my boyfriend but we're going in Feb because it's cheaper and more convenient for us. XD

    Love your first hair and code! <3

  3. Ais, qué suerte que vayas a Japón este verano! ^^- si pudiese, me colaba en tu maleta y así yo también cumplía uno de mis grandes sueños! xDDDDDD

    No dejes nunca el estilo ageho Honey, te sienta más que perfecto <3 con esa ropa y ese pelazo que tienes :3

    Guapa, más que guapa! ^^