16 January 2013

When the snow comes, packets arrive: my recent purchases.

Hello little devils!
 (๑ ऀืົཽ₍₍ළ₎₎ ऀืົཽ)✧

Tomorrow, finally, 
I'll finish college exams.
(* >ω<)
So on Saturday, 
I will go to Barcelona,
to meet up with Aroa.

But meanwhile, 
I decided to take a break from study 
and update my blog, because ....

This package has a history 
that dates back to early December, 
when I decided to make the request. 
As Christmas was just around the corner, 
they warned me that the package 
would arrive a little bit later ... 
20 days later (I sent it by EMS) 
I had a bad feeling and I asked him
(the intermediary)
where he had sent the packet
(because he had 2 addresses). 
Murphy's law! They sent the package
to the wrong address ...

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I told my problem to the director 
of the post office. 
She helped me a lot and 
she contacted to the Barcelona post office
(and talk to 5 million people more)
to bring me the package here.
I have to say that this time,
the post office workers,
have behaved like professionals!

So after a month, 
my package has arrived, 
is the package that I have received 
with more excitement!
(and this time, I paid for customs...27€)

And I stop going on! 
this is what was in the package:

Jacket / sweater of MA * RS
I prefer cat ears to rabbit ears, but it is so nice too, very soft and warm.


Collar Faux ... Nana?
Poza has the same, when I saw the first time I fell in love! 

Lizlisa skirt.
I like the fit and color. It could combine perfectly with the Hime clothes that I have. 

Ingni polo shirt 
It is a basic, but very elegant. I LOVE IT!

Hooded Scarf with cat ears 
(random, with out label, so I don't know what brand is it)
It is the jewel in the crown, I'll take looking for...a year! It is finally mine.

And finaly, 
some lower and upper lashes from Diamod Lash 
and powder makeup by Candy Doll

I will end my post 
with the first snowfall  
the year in my town:



  1. Madre mía! Ese paquete ha viajado por medio mundo! Debe ser horrible la experiencia de que te digan que lo han enviado a una dirección incorrecta... u__u (y cuando lo recibes debe ser el paquete más maravilloso del mundo con diferencia xD)

    Todas las cositas son preciosas ^^- recuerdo que cuando quedamos para que te comprara el cinturón de co&lu y la camiseta de BMB llevabas el abriguito de MA*RS negro tan adoreibol *_* y este ya es el súmmum... es preciosoooo!! :DDD

    Así me gusta Honey, posts larguitos, que me encanta leerte! \^0^/

    Un besazo!~

  2. Muchas gracias por comentarme!
    La verdad es que si que ha dado vueltas, hasta la directora de correos se reía xD
    pero ahora ya lo tengo aquí y puedo dedicarme a refregarme con mi chaquetita nueva, es ultra suave *_*

  3. Estamos todas de exámenes hasta el mono y usando el blog con tal de no estudiar creo XD

    Me encanta especialmente el polo *_* aunque tus compras siempre me gustan, envidia sana u.ú

  4. Cualquier excusa para no estudiar! XD Gracias por comentarme <3

  5. love the buys! especially the ma*rs jacket *-*