2 June 2013

Kuro-gyaru experiment

Hello little devils!

This week I've been busy,
next Friday I'll finish all my exams.
This weekend I've been studied at home,
but in a moment of boredom ...
WHAM! needed a gyaru break
Some time ago,
I wanted to try the kurogyaru style
(I do not know if I say ok)

And this is the result:

What do you think?

Concluding with a photo ... that .. ahem ..
A very common and annoying gyaru problem ...



  1. Ahahahah xD you're funny, but also stylish! I'm gonna follow you~

  2. Qué máquina que eres con las últimas fotos siempre xDDD
    Me gusta un montón el outfil, sobre todo la camisetilla y... eso que entreveo es una gargantilla?? *___*
    Ánimo que ya sólo nos queda menos de una semana!!! (Yo termino el jueves jijiji)
    Un besaco de negra! (así pa' seguir con la temática)

  3. OMGG WERRRRRQ! You look adorable.

  4. Cute outfit! I love the belt.

  5. I love the outfit and hair. <3
    Getting the inner corners of false lashes to stay put is the bane of my existence XD

  6. Awesome outfit. Love the belt also. :3 It's fun to try different things!