23 May 2013

Makeup + outfit + new jacket

Hello little devils!

Where is the summer?
summer never comes
So I continue with my
winter/autumn clothes:

And here the makeup:

Every time, I like more mori style,
I done an order in Mbok,
it is really a stupid idea
because in 40 days I will be in Japan,
but I could not wait to buy something.

The other day I told my mother I
wanted to buy a white jacket.
Specifically this one that
I saw on the internet:

From D.I.A.
And she said, "I have one like that
I can give you because it is small to me "
( ・ω・)

And I thought:
"sure those are nothing similar (¬д¬。)"
But really, they are similar!

So I have new jacket:

And as always I leave you with
the best photo of the day:

XOXO (๑・ω-)~♥”


  1. ahaha..i love the last pic XD!! you're really cute whit thi hair^^, and i love the outfit, we've the same liz lisa top ^0^!!
    then you also parts for Japan? I can understand the anxiety of waiting .. I'm leaving next week and I can not wait!


  2. Jajajajaj siempre la ultima foto la mejor xDDD
    Pues ya ves, este año no hay verano, o más bien viene a ratos! =_=
    Pero bueno, mi ropa y zapatos de otoño/invierno me gustan así que...jajaja!
    ¡Un besazo!