10 January 2014

Essence Mini Lipgloss

Hello little devils!

Today I want to talk about Essence Mini Lipgloss. It's a little box, with a super cute Paris inspo design, that contains three mini lip gloss, apparently 1 transparent, 1 light pink and  1 nude color.

But when you apply these gloss on your lips, the difference between gloss 1, 2 or 3 is almost imperceptible.

I like:

 Size. It's perfect for travel or just for small bags.
 Texture. It's comfortable, sweet and soft.
 Price: it cost me only 3,79€ (5,15 US$ approx.), I think it's a good price.

I don't Like:

 The pigment. What pigment?!?!
 Duration. You must apply several times during the day...

Essence web: http://www.essence.eu/

And that's all for today, Thanks for reading!

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