12 January 2014

Gyaru problems wearing glasses

Hello little devils!

First, I want to show you my sat. makeup:

I love when gals use glasses (like RayBan style glasses) on their outfits. Probably now, it looks more like old school gyaru style, but I still love it (also I need glasses for read and work with the computer, so usually I use glasses)

Some examples of japanese gyaru with glasses:

So today, I decided to wear my glasses as an accessory. Me, with and without glasses:

But...WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! What happens when you wear long lashes with glasses? The result is a complete (and unconfortable) DISASTER!

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or this is a normal thing, whatever, my lashes, when I blink, hit the glass, jam in with the top of the glasses or stay in an awkward position.

So, ok glasses are cool in photos, but in general are a problem if you want to wear long fake lashes with glasses.

What are you think about? Could you give me some advice?

Thanks for reading!


  1. como te entiendo por eso me compro las circle lenses graduadas. si encuentras algun truco para que no pase eso con las pestañas ya me contarás XD

  2. jajajajaajaja me meo xD creo que por eso muchas gals llevan las gafas sin cristales, para que no se les joroben las pestañas jajaja pero claro si eres miope perdía pues no queda más remedio xDDD pero las que llevan gafas con cristal a lo mejor se rizan mucho las pestañas para que queden más hacia arriba y no choquen... no tengo ni idea :/