22 January 2014

Garula 福袋 2014!

Hello little devils!

Finally, today I received the Garula Lucky bag (I made the pre-order in december) I'm satisfied with, almost, all things that it contains:

And this is my review:


-Variety of products ( always includes tops, bottoms, accessories...)

-The price: 10500¥ for the lucky bag, the real value of all things is between 40000¥ and 50000¥

-You can chose the size 

-Available in the web store


-The carton box...Where should I keep this big box? Last year, they did the lucky bag with a real bag (a fabric bag with zip and two handles) useful and easy to keep anywhere.

- Like any lucky bag, you can't decide what things are inside... could be the perfect pack or a complete mess (In this case I feel jammy)

-Only two sizes: S and M

-They don't ship internationally, so you must use and intermediary (raising the final price)

In concluding, I think it's a good opportunity to get new clothes cheaper than normally, but I'm not sure if it worth it when you live outside of Japan (pay: product, intermediary, shippings, fees, customs...)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ai, las lucky bags tienen muchas cosas buenas y malas... Más que nada porque a lo mejor algo no te gusta y que es un poco porculis con lo del intermediario...
    Pero bueno, más barato es! :D Y mola mucho lo que traía!!!

    Algún día me animaré jajaja
    Besicos <3

  2. creo que el año que viene me animaré con alguna lucky bag (porque realmente te ahorrras mucho dinero y siempre esta la opcion de si algo no te gusta pues venderlo y listo (seguro que otras personas lo agradecen)

    por cierto te he dicho que iré a robarte a tu armario, me encanta todo lo que trae la lucky bag !!