25 April 2014

Gyaru flea market and Sant Jordi (Saint George's Day)

Hello little devils!

I was unable to update the blog because I was busy with the college work. Anyway, some days ago, Gyaru!Project organized a flea market to sell and buy gyaru style clothes (mainly second-hand) So I went to sell some stuff.
And now, some pictures of the event which also you can see the outfit I wore (boho / hippie / shaman of the mountains style)

I want to conclude this entry with one of the most beautiful celebrations of my country, specifically here in Catalonia (I think even in the Balearic Islands and parts of Valencia also celebrates) Sant Jordi (aka Saint George's day in English)

This tradition is based on the following legend:

This is primarily the legend popular all over Catalonia, Spain. In Cappadocia - the region's name changes depending on the person asked, there was a dragon attacking the kingdom. Scared to death, the inhabitants decided to give two lambs every day to the dragon to satisfy its hunger and prevent attack on the village. But when the animals became scarce it was decided to send a person, chosen by drawing lots, and a lamb. When a family member was devoured by the dragon, the family received a rich compensation from the Kingdom's Treasury.

There are two versions of the legend at this juncture: the first one involves people getting tired of no member of the royal family being sent and therefore decide that the princess should be sent to the Dragon; while the second version says that one day a princess was chosen by drawing lots to accompany the lamb. Anyway, on the way to the cave of the dragon, the princess found a gentleman or knight of the name Jorge and he slew the dragon by stabbing his sword into it and rescued her. From the blood that flowed from the lifeless body of the monster was born a red rose which the gentleman handed to the princess.

The king offered the gentleman all the riches imaginable but he preferred that the riches be allocated to the inhabitants of the kingdom. In addition, a church was built in his name, from which flowed miraculous water that was able to heal the sick.

Therefore, in Catalonia, Balearic and parts of Valencia, it is customary on 23 April for men give away roses to women, like the knight who addressed the princess. The women give the men a book, remembering the death and burial respectively of two great European literary personalities, Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare, and the Spanish notable literary personality, Inca Garcilaso.

I went for a walk in the centre of Barcelona with a classmate. after dinner, Aki joined us and we went to take a coffee. And finally, at night, I met with Aroa for eat something.
Sadly, I haven't got pictures of meetings but I can show you some pictures of stalls of roses, books and more:


  1. y yo sin poder ir T_T

    M encanta tu outfit !!

  2. I had never heard that story.
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